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This memorial website was created in the memory of our loved one, William Gaynor,He was a Loving Husband, Father, Son, Brother, and Friend.
     William was born in Flint, Michigan on February 09, 1964 and passed away on June 09, 2005 at the age of 41years and 4 months. We will remember him forever.
Tributes and Condolences
To the most loving father in the world...   / Andrew Gaynor (Son)
Dad I love you and always will. I miss you and wish you were here to see me when I went to my senior prom graduated from high school or even started my first semester of college. I'm doing great now as you can see. To be completely honest there ar...  Continue >>
Children should not predecease their parents   / Bettty Gaynor (Mother)
Billy - I don't know why God did'nt take me instead of you but He did'nt so there will always be an empty place in my heart where the memory of you will always remain. I'll always be thankful for the forty-one years that you were with us. You an...  Continue >>
I did not know Bill I just heard alot good things from his wife. I am sure you are in a much better place. Have fun with the good LORD and dont stay up to late ....You are very much missed and loved. The Coari Family Kenner Louisiana 
It's Been a While...   / Stephanie Hill (Niece)
Bill I can not believe it has been five years. I think of you a lot. So much has happened and I am sure you have seen us through it all. You always were one of my favorite uncles and I know you cared alot for us all. I have so many great memories of...  Continue >>
BILL!  / Glenda Rusher (Bossy Mother in law )
Bill is really missed.I think of him often and wish I could have helped him some way or another to be here with us today.I stayed at the hospital with him from the day he was taken to MICU until he was pronounced.There were a lot of tears and prayers...  Continue >>
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His legacy
His final days.......  
On June 4th 2005 my husband, William Matthew Gaynor went golfing. Like any other day, I stayed home with the kids, we were packing to go to MI to visit family. unknown to us, that this was not just a normal day. Bill (as we called him) started having problems on about the 5th hole. He complained of pain in the left groin. He was taken to the club house of the golf course, from their he was taken to a hospital, which happened to be right across the highway from the course they were on. Any other time his golf buddys would have had a cellphone that would call from where they were, but for some reason they didn't that day. His friends left him at the hospital, and started back home, where when they got close enough for the cellphone to work, they called me and told me the news on my husband. I kept calm, thinking it was only heat exhaustion, as the doctor had told them when they left, and that he would be ready and able to leave the hospital with us when we arrived back.
     19 miles out from where we were going, I recived that dreaded phone call.. My husband had laid their in the ER and had a stroke. The hospital wanted to know what i wanted them to do. I requested that he be transfered to a hospital localy. He was accepted at the local hospital by Dr. D. Spanos, a Neurologist, I was told to turn around and head back so that I could be at the hospital when he arrived. We waited on him at the hospital, the Air E-vac team had to wait at the sending hospital for them to get him ready for transport.Finaly what seemed like forever he arrived at the reciveing hospital where i was their waiting for him as he came in to the hospital.
     Bill made progress. He had gotten better with his speech. We talked about silly things (how i wish we could have talked about important things.. now that i know the outcome) He got to eat.. This is where things get fuzzy for me.The days started running together. I know that he got worse, on a night when the hospital was short staffed on our floor. Then he was moved up to 2nd floor into M.I.C.U. (medical icu) I came back to reality after this hard blow that things were not good like i thought they were. My husband was pronounced dead my Dr. Ron South at 10:53 a.m. on June 9th 2005. He was 41 years old and 4 months. The hardest about the time of his death for me is that although he was pronounced at 10:53 a.m. he was taken from the vent until much later that night. I worried , praying to god that he knows that I did everything I could for him, as did the Dr.'s involved in his care.
     I would like to send a special thanks out to:
Clopton Clinic,  Dr. Ben Owens jr.

Neurology Associatess of Northeast Arkansas,  P.A. , Dr. Demetrius Spanos, and Dr. Ron South

Also thanks to:
Stephanie Long, and Sandy Barns Two of the many excelent nurses that took care of Bill during his stay in the hospital.

God bless you all for all that you did for our family, while trying to save a Husband, Father, Son, and Brother.
I am so blessed for the time that I had with Bill, he was my Life. He gave me Four Wonderful sons, a wonderful life and a world that I knew, and explored with him. He taught me how to love as well as how to be loved. He was and still is my love, and my husband. He is such a wonderful person.
William's Photo Album
Bill as we all remember him. A smile on his face to brighten our day.
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